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Happy Weekend!

31 May


This week flew by! Love having Monday off, it makes the week SO much better! This weekend we will be taking advantage of the summer sun and heat and will no doubt be in and out of the pool all weekend. If you’re local to Aiken, and need something to do with your dogs, I suggest heading over to Hopeland Gardens or the Dog Park. Both are a good time!

Congrats to Susan for winning our SOJOS giveaway! Susan, please e-mail me within 24 hours to claim your prize!


Above photo: my Shih Tzu, Emma at Hopeland Gardens.


30 May


Well, im glad everyone loved reading about my pug-ish, Frankie. Now onto Oliver! Oliver is from the Aiken County Shelter and began as my foster in our Cat Window. One of our front windows at The Bone-i-Fide Bakery was transformed into a cat window in hopes that we can find more cats home! Since October we have adopted out over 20 cats for forever homes!


Oliver was a big, lazy orange cat who I had a connection with the first time I saw him. He is like a giant rag doll! He wants to be held and loved 24 hours a day. He has funny little quirks that make his personality seem so huge. After several adoptions fell through for him, one evening I couldn’t stand it any longer and I took him home. He fit right in and I couldn’t imagine my home without him.




Preview for the next of my Pets: Emma!


Pet Sitting

28 May

Since owning The Bone-i-Fide Bakery I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people and dogs. It really makes work so fun to be able to interact with all the different dogs, learn their stories, and of course fall in love with them. With owning the bakery I noticed there was a need for reliable, trust worthy pet sitters. I had customers who always asked me to pet sit and I always said “I don’t pet sit” just because I figured that theres got to be plenty of sitters around. More and more people asked me to do it because they know me, they see me every week, their dogs know me and they know I always have a ton of Bone-i-Fide treats with me. So…I gave in and began pet sitting here and there and honestly now I have no idea why it took me so long to dive in. I love it! There’s something about caring for a dog when it’s owners are out of town that brings me pride. Each family that I pet sit for loves their pets more than anything in the world and while they’re away I take on the responsibility of loving them, caring for them and spoiling them! 🙂

This weekend I was pet sitting for the original owner of The Bone-i-Fide Bakery, Sheri. Sheri has 3 of the most lovable dogs. Murphy, Lilly and Blossom. I get so excited when asked to sit for them because both my husband and I end up staying extra time just to play with them outside. I wanted to share them with everyone because they’re sure to brighten any day!


ImageIf anyone is looking for a sitter in the Aiken/Augusta Area then shoot me an email: I have excellent references and will love your pets like you do. 🙂


25 May

Since my dogs are such a huge part of my life and each of them came into our lives at different times and in different ways, I thought it would be good to share each of their stories.

Frankie. Oh, Frankie.

ImageOne day last year I was at The Bone-i-Fide Bakery and it was no different from any other day. That is until one of our favorite customers, Wendy, walked through the door. Wendy started telling me all about a “dog rescue” she had gone on earlier that day. She was driving and spotted a little tan colored dog roaming free. With Wendy being such an animal lover she stopped right away and tried to rescue this little dog. Now that I know Frankie’s personality I can totally see him running away from Wendy and it being a game of “you can’t catch me!” Sweet Wendy spent hours trying to catch him and in the end she finally did. After telling me this story she said that he looked like a Pug. A Pug! I thought of Patrick ( my husband) right away because he has always had a soft spot for Pugs. I went out to the car and saw him and said…”I’ll keep him!” And just like that I had my 3rd dog and a soon to be total mama’s boy.

Frank is the funniest, quirkiest dog out there. He sorta looks like a Pug but with longer legs. He is such a loving boy and likes to eat. He eats a lot. He loves treats, running, playing, and his toys. Frank and his toys have an inseparable bond. He holds them in his paws and falls asleep with them in his mouth. He really brings our family so many laughs and good times. It’s like we’ve always had him. ImageImageFrank spends his days sleeping a lot, waiting for dinner time and chasing his toys. He brings me so much happiness. People always say that Frankie lucked out finding a home where his owners own a Dog Bakery but honestly I think we’re the lucky ones.

Mary’s Dog Giveaway

23 May

Mary’s Dog Giveaway!

Rescue work is hard work. It’s a labor of love and to see a sweet dog find his or her forever family is such a rewarding feeling. But with rescue comes a lot of hard work, a lot of time, organizing, planning, social media, emails, networking and more. Mary, from Mary’s dogs, and the rescue team works tirelessly to ensure homeless animals have a place to call home.


I understand how important Mary’s Dogs Facebook friends are. Each day they share dogs looking for homes, they help answer questions about different dog needs, and in some cases they help name the dogs. Without her loyal Facebook fans, Mary’s job would be that much harder.

So, to say THANK YOU for all YOU do, I am giving away 3 pounds of treats from The Bone-i-Fide Bakery to one lucky, Mary’s Dogs Facebook friends.


All you have to do is…

1. Make sure you LIKE Mary’s Dogs Rescue on Facebook

2. You must be a follower of this blog. Look on the left hand side of the page, where is says “Follow this blog via e-mail.” Simply enter your e-mail address.

3. Leave a comment on this blog post.

And that’s it! In 1 week I will use to randomly choose a winner and we’ll ship your treats right out to you!

For terms and conditions of giveaways, please click the tab at the top of the page labeled “giveaways”

Kale…The K9 Super Food!

21 May


Kale – It’s hard to beat kale in terms of maximum nutrition for minimal calories. Kale is a proven cancer-risk cutter, abundant source of fiber, calcium, Vitamin A, E and C, helps prevent heart disease and contains numerous antioxidants. Most dogs enjoy kale thinly chopped and sautĂ©ed or cooked. You do want to avoid offering Kale to dogs with certain types of bladder stones or kidney disease.

Here’s a quick recipe you can make for your dogs…and yourself!

Wash Kale and dry Kale in a salad spinner then tear into bit size pieces.

Drizzle with a couple of teaspoons of olive oil and toss or massage to coat. Separate your dog’s portion from yours.
Sprinkle yours with a pinch of salt. Leave your dog’s portion unsalted.
Arrange leaves in a single layer on a cookie sheet or two.

Bake at 350°F until dark green and crispy (not brown or burnt), 12 to 15 minutes. Let cool and enjoy with your dog!

Don’t forget to enter our Giveaway here. I will announce the winner tomorrow.

Giveaway Time!

19 May

Facebook has lots of rules and regulations and from now on we will not be offering giveaways on our Facebook page…we will be offering them HERE on this blog! They will work pretty much the same way. You must be following this blog and you must comment on the giveaway post to be entered.

ImageToday we’re giving away a box of SOJOS treats! To learn more about SOJOS, click here.

To be entered you must do the following:

1. Follow this blog. To follow simply look on the right hand side of this page and follow via email. You will have to enter your email address. After you do this once, you will never have to again, and you’ll receive an email each time we do a giveaway so you’ll be the first to know about it.

2. After you’re following the blog, leave a comment on this post with your dogs names.

3. Sit back and relax! We’ll announce the winner next week!

I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend! Take time to recharge for the upcoming week!


It’s been another GREAT week at The Bone-i-Fide

17 May

It’s been another GREAT week at The Bone-i-Fide Bakery and to finish it off we have a 50% off sale going on HERE. Use the coupon code “sale” at check out!

Here’s a recap of our week in pictures!

ImageImageImageI hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Farmhaus Burger in Augusta

17 May

This post is in no way related to dogs or pets BUT i felt like I just had to share about quiet possibly the best burger joint I’ve ever been too. 


On a whim last night we headed to downtown Augusta to check out, Farmhaus Burger on 12th and Broad. I loved it! Everything from the appearance, decor, food, staff and location was amazing. There’s something about downtown Augusta that I love, it’s energy is real and non judgmental and each time I go there I can see growth and change. If you get a chance, I highly recommend checking out Farmhaus Burger…you won’t be disappointed!


Peanut Butter Sandwiches Treats

15 May

This is a really easy and relatively quick snack that you can whip up at home for your dogs. It only has 4 ingredients and is rich in peanut butter. Peanut butter is a high protein food that is not only healthy for dogs but they also LOVE it!

Peanut Butter Sandwich Recipe

3 Cups of All Purpose Flour

1/2 cup of Peanut Butter for the dough

1/4 cup of Peanut Butter 

2 Tablespoons Canola Oil

1 Cup of water

Pre heat your oven to 350

















*You can use any shape cookie cutter.