12 Jun

The next one of my dogs I will be telling you about is, Emma. Emma is a whole lotta dog in a small little body. Quiet possibly one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. She instantly loves, trusts and bonds. I always joke that Emma could live with anyone and be the happiest girl, because that’s just her personality. She loves to swim, dig, get dirty, roll, play with toys and bark…she’s a great little watch dog although sometimes the high pitched Shih Tzu bark can be a little much at 2am, when all she’s barking at is a leaf blowing in the wind!

ImageI’ve had Emma since she was 3 months old, and now she’s 4. Where did the time go? 🙂 Emma is the first dog i’ve had that needs to be groomed like clock work every 4-5 weeks. Her hair goes from bright white to light brown after a couple of good rolls under our big pecan tree. I keep her short in the summer months but in the fall – spring I keep her “shaggy.” I have visions of letting her hair grow long, but it’s not to realistic as I have such a little tom boy on my hands! ImageI would highly recommend the Shih Tzu breed. Very loving, loyal and sweet. Great with kids and just a fun dog to own. Emma has no food allergies as of yet and pretty much eats anything I give her.

All pictures taken by Britt Croft.

The winner of The Mary’s Dog Giveaway is…



Nancy, please email me: boneifidebakery@gmail.com to claim your treats!

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