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12 Jun

The next one of my dogs I will be telling you about is, Emma. Emma is a whole lotta dog in a small little body. Quiet possibly one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. She instantly loves, trusts and bonds. I always joke that Emma could live with anyone and be the happiest girl, because that’s just her personality. She loves to swim, dig, get dirty, roll, play with toys and bark…she’s a great little watch dog although sometimes the high pitched Shih Tzu bark can be a little much at 2am, when all she’s barking at is a leaf blowing in the wind!

ImageI’ve had Emma since she was 3 months old, and now she’s 4. Where did the time go? 🙂 Emma is the first dog i’ve had that needs to be groomed like clock work every 4-5 weeks. Her hair goes from bright white to light brown after a couple of good rolls under our big pecan tree. I keep her short in the summer months but in the fall – spring I keep her “shaggy.” I have visions of letting her hair grow long, but it’s not to realistic as I have such a little tom boy on my hands! ImageI would highly recommend the Shih Tzu breed. Very loving, loyal and sweet. Great with kids and just a fun dog to own. Emma has no food allergies as of yet and pretty much eats anything I give her.

All pictures taken by Britt Croft.

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Gourmet Dog Treats!

6 Jun

As most of you know, I own an awesome gourmet dog bakery and boutique called, The Bone-i-Fide Bakery. We whip up gourmet treats that not only burst with flavor but are also healthy. To read more about my bakery and our treats click HERE.Image

^^ The Bone-i-Fide BakeryImageImage^^We make beautiful treats and snacks for your four-legged companion!Image

Image^^ We make them fresh and in small batches in our kitchen in South Carolina.

Today we’re having a SALE! And it’s not just any sale…it’s 50% off your ENTIRE order! ImageOrder from our website: http://www.theboneifidebakery.comImageEnter coupon code: “SALE” at checkout and receive 50% off! 

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We have our Traditional Treats in a variety of 12 flavors, a selection of frosted and gourmet  snacks, and training treats!

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Easing Doggie’s Nerves At the Vet’s

5 Jun

The Dogington Post published a great article today and I just had to share it. It was written by Ron Miller.


At the sight of your local vet’s office does your dog go into a tizzy? Many dogs do because of the fact this visits often equate to pain to the dog, and believe me they remember! Maybe it is just for shots or possibly another procedure causing the dog discomfort but we all occasionally deal with a very upset dog at the vets so what can we go about easing your dog’s anxiety at the vet? Below are a few tips to help you out next time Rover wants to “go over” the hill at the sight of his vet’s office.

Start easing your dog’s anxiety at the vet by bringing along his or her favorite toy. This can work wonders for calming a dog as they have something with them besides you that is familiar and brings them happiness. A toy that squeaks when chewed works best although it might be a bit irritating to other animals and people in the waiting room. But hey, your dog is happy and not going off the deep end so bring it along.

If your visit to the vet is in the afternoon take a nice long walk with the dog in the morning. This will help with easing your dog’s anxiety at the vet because he will be more relaxed after using up all the excess energy. Make sure he gets a good physical workout during this walk. Playing a game of fetch in the park works wonders for tiring your doggy out.

Always take a few of his favorite doggy treats. When he is behaving in the waiting room slip him a treat. When he begins to pull at your leash, growl or lunge at other dogs or cats also in the room give him the command to behave. When he does so, slip him another treat. He will quickly get the idea of how he is going to get future treats.

If the visit entails an overnight stay bring along a favorite blanket, his food bowls, and several favorite toys. He is going to feel more relaxed and comfortable with these items along. They have smells he will associate with being at home and like many dogs he will feel better eating from his own food bowl.

Easing Your Dog’s Anxiety at the Vet is really all about using common sense and making your dog comfortable. By using this simple tips future trips to the vet will not be something both of you want to avoid.

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The Weekend…According to my iPhone.

4 Jun



I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! xo

Happy Weekend!

31 May


This week flew by! Love having Monday off, it makes the week SO much better! This weekend we will be taking advantage of the summer sun and heat and will no doubt be in and out of the pool all weekend. If you’re local to Aiken, and need something to do with your dogs, I suggest heading over to Hopeland Gardens or the Dog Park. Both are a good time!

Congrats to Susan for winning our SOJOS giveaway! Susan, please e-mail me within 24 hours to claim your prize!


Above photo: my Shih Tzu, Emma at Hopeland Gardens.


30 May


Well, im glad everyone loved reading about my pug-ish, Frankie. Now onto Oliver! Oliver is from the Aiken County Shelter and began as my foster in our Cat Window. One of our front windows at The Bone-i-Fide Bakery was transformed into a cat window in hopes that we can find more cats home! Since October we have adopted out over 20 cats for forever homes!


Oliver was a big, lazy orange cat who I had a connection with the first time I saw him. He is like a giant rag doll! He wants to be held and loved 24 hours a day. He has funny little quirks that make his personality seem so huge. After several adoptions fell through for him, one evening I couldn’t stand it any longer and I took him home. He fit right in and I couldn’t imagine my home without him.




Preview for the next of my Pets: Emma!


Pet Sitting

28 May

Since owning The Bone-i-Fide Bakery I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people and dogs. It really makes work so fun to be able to interact with all the different dogs, learn their stories, and of course fall in love with them. With owning the bakery I noticed there was a need for reliable, trust worthy pet sitters. I had customers who always asked me to pet sit and I always said “I don’t pet sit” just because I figured that theres got to be plenty of sitters around. More and more people asked me to do it because they know me, they see me every week, their dogs know me and they know I always have a ton of Bone-i-Fide treats with me. So…I gave in and began pet sitting here and there and honestly now I have no idea why it took me so long to dive in. I love it! There’s something about caring for a dog when it’s owners are out of town that brings me pride. Each family that I pet sit for loves their pets more than anything in the world and while they’re away I take on the responsibility of loving them, caring for them and spoiling them! 🙂

This weekend I was pet sitting for the original owner of The Bone-i-Fide Bakery, Sheri. Sheri has 3 of the most lovable dogs. Murphy, Lilly and Blossom. I get so excited when asked to sit for them because both my husband and I end up staying extra time just to play with them outside. I wanted to share them with everyone because they’re sure to brighten any day!


ImageIf anyone is looking for a sitter in the Aiken/Augusta Area then shoot me an email: I have excellent references and will love your pets like you do. 🙂